Delivering Simple Yet Sophisticated NFT Experiences

18 months ago, we had a vision for an NFT platform like no other. We got talking about how to harness the power of gamification- gamifying NFTs to really unlock the power of surprise & delight. And then we started architecting an NFT platform that would finally help brands unlock all the pent-up power of their brand and their IP to unleash collectability in a way we’ve only dreamed of or caught glimpses of in the past. And to date, we can say that what we’ve achieved is noteworthy- the Sweet platform is turning heads and winning clients with each passing day.

Our strategy of simplicity and sophistication has proven effective… this idea that every brand that leverages our NFT platform and every consumer who collects, buys, or receives an NFT through Sweet finds the whole process EASY has resulted in some exciting partnerships. Whether it’s the Dave & Buster’s rollout happening over the course of this Summer, the successful New York Knicks launch on July 27th, or the recent announcement that Animoca Brands is kicking off our Series A2 funding round, there is an appetite in the market for a full-scale solution that can truly deliver that iPhone moment.

And we are delivering that moment: We are helping brands deliver NFT experiences and their customers are acquiring NFTs with their preferred check out method, they’re setting up a blockchain wallet with just a mobile number and a password, and they’re holding ERC721 tokens in all different form factors with all the required blockchain transactions happening in the background and hidden from sight… it’s quite contrarian in the NFT space — a focus on the user experience.

One of our favorite examples of this simple, yet sophisticated experience is GIFTING, that’s right- NFTs can be gifted just as easily as they can be collected, purchased, or traded on the Sweet platform. It’s actually a brilliant utility that is easy to use and powerful in terms of getting more consumers in the NFT game. In a very real sense, Sweet has created a way for digital collectibles to mimic the physical collectibles we have always known, loved, and, more importantly- loved to give. Whether you’re buying someone their favorite character in Funko form, getting a special someone that sought after jersey, or hunting down that special edition vinyl for the friend who is just obsessed, everyone knows the joys of purchasing the gift that surprises and delights, and now that same feeling can be had when gifting a digital collectible. Our physical economy relies on those times in the year when gift-giving is celebrated, and we believe giving users that same opportunity with digital assets will help NFTs reach beyond the early adopters and crypto enthusiasts to attract everyday people.



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