Endless Possibilities: NFTs Paired with Utility To Engage Your Consumers

Brands can create NFT projects tethered to real-world experiences that can not only help tell amazing brand stories, but can also excite and motivate consumers in ways never before possible. For example — Sweet recently partnered with Universal Music Group to create a limited edition NFT for one of Germany’s most successful rap artists: Cro.

After the release of Cro’s successful double album “TRIP”, Universal Music Group (UMG) was on the hunt for something special, some way to reach out and excite Cro fans in the lead up to his “Trip is (a)live” tour, scheduled to kick off in 2022. So UMG engaged Sweet, and we got to work crafting and then minting 10 (just ten!) 3D CROllectibles Coins to be given away as a reward for fan loyalty.

The CROllectibles are, according to the UMG team, “deliberately not sold to the highest bidder”, but only given to the “most loyal” fans. “At five strategic milestones of the campaign, fans can prove their commitment and thus” gild “their community support with one of these NFTs.”

These 10 Cro fans lucky enough to get a hold of a CROllectible Coin also get free entry to Cro concerts for life. And if you’re thinking that sounds a little too exclusive, don’t worry — fans who own a CROllectible Coin can also gain free admittance for any friends they bring with them to the show.

Brands who are looking for new ways to inspire and impact consumers will find that the possibilities with NFTs are endless, from gamification to real utility and experiences- every brand can design an NFT project that connects!



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