Happy Jack “Cloud Collection” NFTs Promotes Mental Health Awareness

Millions of Americans struggle with mental health each year. The recent lockdowns and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic have only exacerbated feelings of isolation, anxiousness, and loneliness. The trauma and impact that is caused by mental illness can be truly devastating for both children and adults. Its effects can be felt by families and communities all across the country. Mental Health Awareness Month was created in 1949, and has been observed in the United States each May ever since, to shed light on mental health and to celebrate those who have recovered from mental illness.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month and to celebrate Jack Nathan’s legacy, Sweet has partnered with Happy Jack to release a limited-run NFT series dubbed the “Cloud Collection.” Jack Nathan launched Happy Jack on June 7, 2020, as a lifestyle brand that embraced the idea of “It’s okay not to be okay.” Jack fought his own battles with anxiety and bouts of depression, which he was always transparent about. He eased his anxiety by painting and designing, and in the process, he created a community inspired by his artwork. It was Jack’s passion that offered him the solace he needed, allowing him to help others through his art and by donating a portion of proceeds from all Happy Jack product sales to the Child Mind Institute.

The Cloud Collection was designed around the concept of overthinking, and the NFTs contain a cloud image originally created by Jack. They also contain a few words of wisdom with “overthinking clouds your well-being.” Often referred to as rumination, overthinking is when you repeatedly dwell on the same thought or situation. This can create significant anxiety for many people. At times, it can completely take over their life and leave them paralyzed with fear, unable to take any action. In what can be a vicious cycle, depression and anxiety can cause overthinking, while overthinking can in turn contribute to both conditions. Jack described overthinking as being stuck in his own head, and he would often get lost in painting and design to stop overthinking.

These NFTs are being made available through two separate distribution channels. One way to acquire them is by directly purchasing the NFTs on Sweet’s Marketplace at www.sweet.io/happyjack. The other way to get them is through a one-time redemption link that will be sent to people who purchase a matching sweat set, or “Cloud Couple Bundle,” on the Happy Jack website at www.happyjacksworld.com. A portion of profits from all the NFT sales will be donated to various mental health charities, including the Child Mind Institute, Active Minds, Born this Way, and Ewing Sarcoma.

Jack wanted people to know that they are not alone when it comes to overthinking or any other anxiety-producing thoughts. He also wanted to create a safe haven for kids who struggle with mental illness. Your purchases from these NFTs will enable other kids who are struggling with mental health to get help. We thank you immensely for your support. By continuing to support mental health charities through the sale of products, and by creating a conversation around overthinking, we can better help those who are suffering and create a path for them to move forward. Jack Nathan left us suddenly and accidentally at the age of nineteen. We are forever grateful for the impact he left on everyone who knew him. Sweet and Happy Jack want to honor his legacy and to make sure that his mission of “making this world a better place for kids like him” is realized.

“Overthinking clouds your well-being.” It is truly fascinating how pure and simple observations can offer so much clarity. It is also rather ironic how easily they can be clouded by the noise that comes at us on a daily basis.



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