Kia and Sweet Deliver NFTs with Soul

Kia America and Sweet are partnering to release another unique NFT collection, this time incorporating digital collectibles inside of a commercial for the all-new 2023 Kia Soul. The world-class automaker has set a high standard in the automotive industry with its strong focus on craftsmanship, dedication to continuous improvement, and a commitment to customers. In the process, Kia has become a household name known for delivering phenomenal value with a full line of diverse vehicles that suit the needs of drivers everywhere. This NFT release highlights Kia’s continuous effort to adopt new technology into their business, and this will be the first time that an NFT collection is directly integrated within a commercial.

The 30-second spot debuts on Friday, July 15th. Its theme embraces individuality as part of Kia’s “Built for Whoever You Are” campaign and stars three popular DASK NFT characters. The DASK is a collection of high-quality, 3D computer-generated digital collectibles with more than 150 handcrafted features. There will be a unique QR code embedded within the commercial that will allow viewers to scan the code with a smartphone and easily obtain one of 10,100 Kia NFTs, which will also include special edition generative DASK + Kia-themed NFTs. By scanning the code, viewers will have the NFTs seamlessly deposited and stored in their own Sweet wallet which is powered by our NFT platform.

The commercial has a dreamy feel and a surreal tone. It follows the three DASK NFT happy-go-lucky skeletons as they hop in a new 2023 Kia Soul and go cruising down a nighttime city street, all the while bopping to some chill beats inside of the car. When they make a pit stop at a burger stand drive-thru to pick up some midnight snacks, they get a double take from the clerk who hands them their order. The clerk, who is astounded by what he is witnessing, takes a quick scan of the skeleton crew with his smartphone. The lovable skeletons then make their way to a beautiful spot with a skyline view of the city, where they set up their own elegant table with candles and enjoy a relaxing meal before continuing on their journey.

Kia America and Sweet first partnered back in February to turn Kia’s ‘Robo-Dog’ from their Super Bowl ad into a digital collectible. There was a strong charitable component to the NFT release — ninety percent of initial NFT sales went to the Petfinder Foundation which helps animal shelters and rescue groups care for homeless pets in need. Ten percent of all NFT sales on secondary markets will also be sent to the animal charity in perpetuity by utilizing smart contracts.

Sweet is very excited to continue our partnership with Kia in building out unique NFT experiences. This specific release is a pioneering effort to deliver digital collectibles to a wide audience by integrating the NFTs inside of a commercial spot. From a thematic standpoint, this is also a perfect merging of philosophies that embrace individuality. The NFT space and Web3 are all about celebrating individual expression with memorable experiences and individual ownership.

“We are truly proud to join forces again with such a recognizable brand to launch this unique collection for the general public,” said Tom Mizzone, founder and CEO, Sweet. “Above all, it’s a significant milestone for mass adoption since it marks the first NFT drop embedded into a national TV commercial. As such, it will be seen by millions of people, many of whom are experiencing the world of web3 for the first time.”



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