Parade NFTs to Benefit Make-A-Wish Now and into the Future

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is definitely going to hit different this year — you’ll be doing the usual: scrambling to get ready, getting those favorite dishes prepped, waiting for the Baby Yoda balloon to go by… and then claiming your first Macy’s Parade NFT at

That’s right, just in time for the 95th march of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy’s is releasing a series of NFTs that celebrate the Parade’s ten-decade legacy, and Sweet is powering their NFT campaign, making it easy for anyone who wants a Macy’s Parade NFT to own one. Partnering with Sweet, Macy’s has ensured that each generative Parade NFT in this limited edition series of NFTs is extremely eco-friendly (minted on the Polygon Blockchain) and extremely user-friendly, eliminating any barriers to entry.

It all starts with an Auction that is live and active as of this writing (so get your bids in! It ends on 11/30/2021), with all proceeds benefiting Make-A-Wish. Then on Thanksgiving day at 10 AM ET Macy’s is making 9,500 generative Parade NFTs available for free. Macy’s partnered with NFT design agency, REOMETRY to create the artwork for the NFTs in this limited edition series and each is compelling and unique thanks to multiple rarity attributes.

The Macy’s Parade NFT Series has a lot of parts to it that make it remarkable — the generative art, the variety of rarity traits (check out the rarity chart here), the balloons celebrating 95 years of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade history, the 1-of-1 auction pieces benefiting Make-A-Wish, but the foundational aspect of this series… the very impetus of it’s coming to life was the question: How can NFT technology and smart contracts be used to revolutionize the way brands approach charitable giving and make the funds donated more strategic in terms of achieving impact?

And this is where the 9,500 free NFTs made available on Thanksgiving Day becomes very interesting — it becomes this win-win scenario: where Macy’s is able to put this compelling NFT project out into the world, Parade fans and collectors can claim these amazing and authentic ERC-721 collectibles, and Make-A-Wish and the children it serves can benefit, not just now, but, in effect, ad infinitum. These 9,500 NFTs and the smart contracts tied to them are taking Macy’s beyond the traditional methods of charitable giving where maybe a portion of sales is donated or consumers are given the chance to donate at checkout to a world where a brand can invite its consumers and audiences… and especially new audiences into an experience and a community that empowers them with the opportunity to make a difference if they decide to sell on the secondary market. And whether it is within Sweet or on a compatible aftermarket, 10% of that sale will be automatically sent to Make-A-Wish in perpetuity.

As an established consumer brand and a premier retailer, Macy’s is setting a precedent of what’s possible in terms of audience engagement and in the realm of giving back. And as more retail brands begin to understand the opportunity that NFTs present, they’ll be looking to what Macy’s has done through its 2021 Thanksgiving Day Parade NFT Series as a case study.

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