Partnering with Brands is Sweet!

We recently hosted a discussion with our VP of Metaverse & Brand Experience, Andrew Klein, on the Sweet Lounge Soundstage in Discord (join our to learn about future conversations like this). During the conversation, Sweet Cosmic and Andrew Klein (aka JRR Token) spoke about Sweet’s goals for the brands we partner with when creating NFT experiences for their fans. The two main areas of focus were centered around putting the fan experience at the forefront of each NFT release, and also ensuring we optimize a “two-way street” between the brand and its fans. Let’s dig a little deeper into what this means.

Putting the fan experience first entails creating digital collectibles that are desirable from a visual perspective with thoughtful design — one of the main tenets of all NFT releases. It also means putting thought into how each NFT release will be part of a bigger journey for fans, helping build long term relationships with their preferred brands. In other words, our goals are the exact opposite of creating one-off NFT releases for quick money grabs, because these do not build long-standing relationships. We want our NFT collections to be symbols which represent a meaningful connection between brands and their fans. These collections need to create unique opportunities for fans to have access to one of a kind experiences that would not otherwise be available if they weren’t holding a brand’s digital collectibles. This could manifest itself in a variety of different ways. It might include fans obtaining ultra-rare NFTs not available for purchase on the open market, or gaining access to unique in-real-life (IRL) or virtual experiences. It may also include free physical merchandise as a reward for holding a specific NFT. Whatever the utility, it should always bring added value to fans.

Creating meaningful value is very closely related to the concept of building a two-way street between fans and brands. Typically, when a customer enters a store and buys an item, this is considered a “one-way street” interaction; meaning the customer purchases an item and the value exchange ends there (outside of the customer perhaps leaving their phone number and/or email address where a brand can send their promotional items). NFT collections provide an innovative way for brands to showcase their appreciation to their most loyal fans. They not only have an opportunity to reward these fans with the aforementioned built-in utility as part of an NFT release, but also offer surprise and delight rewards that fans may not be expecting. This creates a positive give and take relationship, while also driving ongoing and organic engagement. Fans look forward to hearing from the brand because they feel taken care of, while a brand creates open communication by way of their NFT collections.

This creates a positive give and take relationship, while also driving ongoing and organic engagement.

Sweet continually works with brands that build their reputation over a long period of time, often through many decades of hard work. As such, each NFT collection that we release is always endorsed, supported, and validated by the brands we partner with– Officially Licensed, as we like to say. Sweet puts significant effort into ensuring there are never any authenticity or copyright issues with the NFTs we release. We always encourage our brand partners to view their NFT collections as an opportunity to deepen their connection with fans by acknowledging their support through fun and engaging experiences. It isn’t hard to see how this is a win-win for both the brand and their fans.



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