Sweet is Making NFTs Accessible to Everyone: Lessons from the New York Knicks NFT Collection

On May 23, 2021, 15,000+ fired-up Knicks fans showed up at Madison Square Garden for Game 1 of the NBA playoffs. The shock waves could be felt across the greater New York area with tremors coursing throughout the country for days afterward. As fans spilled out into the streets and chanted outside the Garden, you got the sense that everyone wished they could take a piece of that feeling home… that if they could’ve grabbed a slab of concrete, a piece of linoleum or a tile from the halls of the greatest arena, they would have. Something, anything to keep this memory intact and to remind them that the good times will go beyond this season. Little did they know that the Knicks had a plan to solidify the memory of that game and 4 others that were just as memorable and testified to the bright future of the Knicks franchise. The New York Knicks are commemorating the 2020–2021 season with a collection of 5 Limited Edition 3D NFT Tickets and that collection launched on Sweet on July 27th.

Sweet and the Knicks are making these limited-edition Knicks NFTs accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a diehard Knicks fan, a general sports fan or an NFT enthusiast, we’ve made these 3D (that’s right, we said 3D!!!) NFTs easy to get a hold of, easy to own and soon, they’ll be even easier to enjoy and display to your friends and the outside world.

Sweet makes the Knicks NFT Collection easy to get! When building out our NFT solution, one of the first decisions we made was to be consumer-first. If NFTs were going to reach mass adoption, then they had to be accessible- everyone needed to spin an NFT around on their phone or desktop and everyone should be able to purchase one without a lot of crypto complexity. Making an NFT platform that is consumer-first is easier said than done- a lot of work went into building the means to obfuscate the complex purchasing process from the perspective of the NFT buyer. We didn’t magically make the purchasing of cryptocurrency, the gas fees, the blockchain transactions, etc. disappear, but we ensured that the would-be NFT buyer could purchase an NFT just like they would purchase anything else using Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit, Debit or even Cryptocurrency- without having to understand the intricacies of Ethereum currencies and bridging them across a particular blockchain.

Sweet makes owning an NFT simple, with a crypto wallet that is as simple as it is elegant. Want to know how simple? Fans out there clamoring for a 3D Knicks NFT can purchase any of the 5 commemorative NFT tickets using any checkout method they prefer and once purchased- those fans will be asked to sign up with either a mobile number or an email address, a registration code will go out for confirmation, once confirmed, those fans will be asked to create a password and that is it! Securing your Sweet wallet is as easy as registering for an account. Once an account is created, the fan will be able to see, turn, flip and spin his or her 3D Knicks NFT, see the sequence number, read the NFT description that memorializes the Knicks game being celebrated, and read over the authenticity of their newly minted ERC721 Token.

And soon…very soon — Sweet will be making it easy to display your NFTs to the watching world. Typically, making things easy requires a lot of skill and hard work… there is nothing lazy about creating an NFT trophy case — but developing a way for NFT owners to curate and display a selection of their NFTs from a public profile is game-changing when it comes to mass adoption — in a world where consumers, fans and users want to share content, images, and videos as a way to connect to the watching world, displaying their most prized NFT collectibles will solidify and establish the future of NFTs.



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