Redeem that Stash of Dave & Buster’s Tickets for NFTs

Dave & Buster’s, an entertainment destination that amazingly combines an arcade, a sports bar, and a restaurant, came to us to discuss how they could use NFTs to elevate the guest experience across their 140 locations- Talk about the perfect match!

At Sweet, we are empowering brands just like Dave & Buster’s to deploy NFTs to their customers via immersive and integrated experiences. What does this mean? Get customers engaged with the brands they love in remarkable new ways. And Dave & Buster’s new NFT program does just that by enabling patrons to claim and collect NFTs that can be gifted, traded, and resold on Sweet!

For those of you who know Dave & Buster’s, our partnership should make a lot of sense… Think about it- Dave & Buster’s has always been about rewards, surprise & delight… and this amazing idea that- yes, you can enjoy Happy Hour with a draft beer in one hand, as you try to conquer Monza or Suzuka in your Ferrari F355 with the other. And at Sweet, we’re all about finding new and exciting ways to keep consumers collecting NFTs, unlocking NFTs, and leveling up as they go. So with our NFT visions aligned, we’ve set out to give Dave & Buster’s fans some new ways to redeem those hard-earned arcade tickets.

Starting in July 2021, Dave & Buster’s patrons will be able to rack up tickets playing their favorite games, games like Crossy Road, Skee-Ball, Zombie Snatchers, or the new: Hungry Hungry Hippos… whatever it takes to collect as many tickets as they can. Then, when they are ready to redeem their tickets, they can hit up the WIN! Store (formerly Winner’s Circle), look up at the prize feature portals on the back wall and discover that Dave & Buster’s has added new Digital Collectible prizes (NFTs!) for the claiming.

These new NFT prizes are designed to celebrate the various cities across the U.S. with Dave & Buster’s locations, cities like New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. They’re also meant to celebrate the Dave & Buster’s games that patrons love to play such as Tailgate Toss, Spin N Win, and Treasure Quest. When Patrons collect a set of NFTs for a specific city and combine that set with a game coin NFT, they will be able to unlock some very real utility… we’re gamifying the ticket redemption process, so it’s not just a prize the patron is claiming, it’s an experience.

Sweet and Dave & Buster’s are kicking things off with a one-of-one NFT auction to benefit Make-A-Wish. The NFT auction is for an uber rare 3D retro Dave & Buster’s token and all proceeds from the auction will go to Dave & Buster’s long-time charity partner. It’s a great way for a brand to harness the hype around the words “NFT” and “auction” for a great cause. Up until now, we’ve heard a lot about individuals like Jack Dorsey, Edward Snowden or the inventor of the Internet auctioning off NFTs for charity, but we have yet to hear about a well-known brand entering the fray- this Dave & Buster’s NFT auction changes that.

At Sweet, we believe that a brand has to be willing to think out-of-the-box when it comes to how it develops its NFT strategy. In many ways, Dave and Buster’s is doing just that — they’re pioneering a new way to raise funds for charity with an NFT auction and deploying a really fun, gamified NFT experience within their established and engaging EAT, DRINK, and PLAY ecosystem.

Get in on the auction (and latest updates) at



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